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Self Checkout
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Self Checkout

Tech Specs

  • Powered by Toshiba’s sophisticated and proven CHEC software—now enhanced with new features that make self checkout faster, easier and more personalized than ever before
  • Innovative solution helps speed up the checkout process, optimize floor space, improve cash management and offer real investment protection
  • Cash and cashless options available
  • Flexible software for easy reconfiguration and extended functionality
  • Consumer driven ergonomic design and highly intuitive user interface
  • Unique, modular platform with separate scanning, payment and bagging units —including 1 bag, 2 bag, 3 bag and carousel modules
  • Reduced footprint to optimize floor space
  • Modular, modern design with three form factors, provides flexibility and customization options
  • Monitor and manage vital lane operations data from a mobile application
  • Optimize throughput and reduce interventions by interpreting shopper behavior and self-correcting common mistakes
  • Customer-guiding features include LED lighting, audio indicators, scan-to-bag placement and accessibility mode options for ease-of-use
  • Centralized enterprise reporting and remote monitoring intuitively manages self-checkout lanes



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Technical Specs

  • Award winning, fully adaptable, energy efficient system
  • Speed up checkout and improve productivity with powerful platforms
  • Maximize uptime and help reduce maintenance costs with virtually tool free design, secure and easy front access and exceptional serviceability
  • Optimize investment with a highly scalable point of sale system that integrates with legacy systems
  • Faster processors and enhanced functionality help enable cost effective performance
  • Open platform and distributed design increase choices for software and peripherals
  • Retail hardened design helps extend equipment life for outstanding investment protection
  • Compact unit takes up very little space, making this an affordable option for independent grocers

  • Fully configurable point of sale system, kiosk, or self-service unit
  • Flexible display design seamlessly shifts from 90 degrees to lay-flat
  • Three multi-touch screen sizes with anti-glare protection
  • Remote system access monitors device for peak efficiency
  • Robust performance creates new opportunities to delight customers
Peripheral Solutions

Designed for the supermarket environment, these devices allow for high performance, high volume scanning.

Memor Technical Specs

  • Barcode capture with a high performance laser scanner
  • Ruggedized with 6 ft drop to concrete resistance
  • Shelf replenishment on the sales floor
  • Create ad sales batch in the aisle
  • Inventory evaluation

Scanner Technical Specs

  • Enhanced 6 sided scanning angles
  • All-Weighs scale platter
  • SurroundScan 3D scanning technology
  • RSS decoding capability built-in
  • FirstStrike advanced decoding software
  • Multiple interface solution supports all popular host interfaces
  • Optional Productivity Index Reporting (PIR) and checker training software
  • Flash memory for easy, low cost upgrades
  • Powered auxiliary RS232 port for easy integration of a handheld scanner
Phone Scanner
Software Solutions
Store Front


From point of sale to back office to central host, SMS is a single core application providing you all the features you need to run your business in one totally integrated solution. 

Special Features

  • POS
  • Complete buying process
  • Computer assisted ordering
  • DSD
  • Native label & signs
  • Vendor catalog
  • Scale management
  • Price optimization
  • Forecasting


  • Single, unified database design
  • Aligns POS to back office to host
  • Provides seamless data flow in all directions, even across stores
  • Information available anywhere, interaction is delivered where it makes the most sense
  • Precision marketing and powerful promotion engine can specifically target your customers
  • Advanced promotions
  • Anonymous and card based, targeted offers

E-Commerce & Consumer Mobile

  • Aligns in store, online and mobile transactions
  • Loyalty seamlessly woven between web and store
  • Data flows naturally and in real time
  • Utilized on any device or operating system


  • Brings the back office to the aisles, empowering your labor to increase efficiencies
  • Work smarter and faster


  • Harness transactional and operational data from one central location
  • Controlled itemized maintenance leveraged across your stores
  • Consolidated reporting data analytics
  • Centralized loyalty and promotion engine
  • Centralized shrink control loss prevention


  • Customer segmentation
  • Analyze spend habits by key performance indicators
  • Targeted offers based on custom criteria
  • Analyze the results


  • Dynamic reporting — fewer reports, more data
  • Exposing the data that makes sense when and where you need it

ace retail store solutions

Specially engineered for supermarkets, this application provides high volume scanning, enhanced security and powerful promotion features.

tcxsky operating system

A retail-optimized operating system that’s designed to excel in the high-availability, high-stakes retail environment, giving you the peace of mind to operate your stores reliably and securely.

Technical Specs

  • Enhanced payment architecture
  • Enhanced checkout experience
  • Current with all industry requirements
  • Strong backward and forward compatibility, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal operator training

Technical Specs

  • Rock-solid reliability
  • Packed with security features
  • Function rich and extendable POS application
  • Multiple controller feature keeps your store online in the event of a hardware failure
  • Virtual controller feature for enterprise server consolidation
Badger Product

Quickly capture and share valuable data, with the Badger autonomous robot.

Technical Specs

  • Badger brings cutting edge AI & robotics technology to your store
  • Address price integrity issues by comparing unit tags to back office pricing
  • Detecting holes on shelves and generating replenishment lists
  • Generating powerful on-shelf availability best practices analytics across stores
  • Correlating POS data to out-of-stock data, location and facings
  • Hazard detection & risk mitigation
Electronic Shelf Label

Take retail environments to the highest levels of pricing and inventory control.

Electronic Shelf Labels

  • Ensure pricing automation & intelligence
  • Product geolocation and real-time planogram management
  • Picking and replenishment optimization
  • Automated shelf monitoring and out-of-stock detection
  • Shopper connectivity & in-store digital services
  • Digital advertising & promotion