How Grocers Can Improve Online Shopping Sales

Woman receiving her grocery delivery at her doorstep

According to a consumer report, grocery shopping is now a major online category that’s expected to top $85 billion in sales this year. The insights suggest online shopping has grown significantly over the past two years with online sales surging 103% more in 2020. Though online grocery sales still reached $79.2 billion in 2021, the study noted a slowdown with only a 7.2% increase that year. Industry experts predict grocers will see the same growth rate in 2022.

Additional insights from the report:

  • Consumers have seen 60 billion out-of-stock messages between March 2020 to February 2022 due to supply chain disruptions.

  • Curbside pickup accounted for 20% of all online orders so far in 2022.

  • Consumers spend an average of $6.7 billion each month on groceries, and that’s expected to go up to $85 billion annually in 2022.

So, what does this mean for grocers? While online shopping is still an important option for consumers, they still need better service to consistently shop from your online store.

Grocery technology helps speed up online services

The pandemic’s early days pushed grocers to expand online capabilities while shoppers stayed in their homes. Now, consumers are back to preferring in-store shopping as restrictions are lifted. The change is forcing some investors to lower their stakes in larger online grocery companies, while other retailers are changing their focus when it comes to building their digital future.

Major grocers and independent retailers alike are investing in technology solutions that help speed up the efficiency of their online stores. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered smart carts and inventory management technology can help employees fulfilling orders move faster through the store in addition to having more accurate product data. Fast delivery and order pick-up can make or break the online shopping experience for consumers, so these technology investments are crucial for picking up online demand.

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