Is Network Connection Affecting Your In-Store Shopping Experience?

Woman grocery shopping and scanning milk with mobile phone

Only 22% of grocers are satisfied with their digital store experience, a study shows. The same report suggests the percentage of technology deployed in grocery stores will increase significantly over the next 12-24 months. As these technological advancements in the retail industry evolve, store managers must consider network connectivity as a priority in their technology rollout plan.

Mobile device usage drives the need for 5G connectivity

One of the greatest technological increases in grocery stores is the use of consumer devices. This is in part due to higher demand for omnichannel solutions in grocery stores like mobile app ordering, mobile store navigation, QR codes, smart carts, and more. Without a strong network connection, your in-store experience will fall flat. That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider adopting 5G deployments for your grocery store. 

Better Wi-Fi is crucial for grocery store management 

Store associates seek better Wi-Fi for real-time inventory tracking and other management solutions. The percentage of associate tasks that are automated is expected to increase from 19% to 62% by 2025. Though, only 47% of stores are satisfied with the effectiveness of their store associates. Lack of streamlined inventory management can be a big sticking point for consumers. If products aren’t successfully stocked in time, stores risk customers going elsewhere for their grocery needs. This is yet another reason for grocers to invest in retail technology and a 5G network.

While deploying retail technology can help improve overall customer experiences and operational efficiency, it won’t be effective without a strong network connection. When it comes to implementing these technologies, it’s best to work with industry experts who can think through all the potential pitfalls. STCR’s professional services help stores plan out the best possible implementation plan to fit their store’s specific needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about our smart retail solutions

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