Now is the Time For Independent Grocers to Launch an Online Store

Woman grocery shopping on her tablet with Local Express logo.

The pandemic showed grocers that eCommerce is mandatory. Consumers now expect “online grocery” to be a part of any food retailer’s offerings. To cater to the shifting customer expectations, independent grocers should highly consider launching their own online storefront using their brand.

Multiple facts favor launching an end-to-end eCommerce platform:

  • The pandemic rapidly accelerated the adoption of online grocery, and it hasn’t slowed down.

  • 80% of Americans have shopped for groceries online; online grocery ordering is a must-have.

  • 70% of online grocery orders are placed via mobile app.

  • The average online basket size is 3 times the store basket.

  • 21% of grocery purchases will occur online by the year 2024; it’s currently at 12%.

However, some are concerned about the expenses of building such a platform, or whether it will be able to handle SNAP/EBT, quality customer experience, or a huge list of SKUs. Thankfully, food retailers don’t have to spend a fortune developing their own end-to-end platform, due to efficient software like Local Express.

Local Express empowers independent grocery stores with a comprehensive e-commerce platform by offering a branded online store via the website, mobile app, and kiosk, and BOPIS, delivery and shipping.  Learn here how Local Express is trusted by hundreds of independent grocers and food retailers worldwide or set up a demo.

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