Your One Stop for retail Technology Maintenance Services

Successful omnichannel grocers don’t just consider what retail technology will benefit their stores. They also look at maintenance solutions when installing any technology. That’s why STCR partners with Toshiba Commerce to provide stores with comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the longevity of their investment and overall shopper satisfaction. One of STCR’s greatest differentiators isn’t just the quality of products, but the level of support the team can provide to its customers.

Maintenance services offered

Toshiba’s maintenance team, combined with STCR’s expert services and 24-hour support, will help keep your store operating smoothly. You can have peace of mind knowing we’re here to help with traditional hardware fixes and proactive, multi-vendor assistance.

  • Hardware services: Regular repairs and maintenance can be expected no matter how well-designed a product is. Toshiba offers multi-year plans to keep your point-of-sale equipment and peripherals in tip-top shape. 
  • Multi-vendor wall-to-wall services: As your store advances, it’s likely you have equipment across multiple vendors. You can consider us your one-stop shop for all system support. 

No matter where you are in your grocery store technology journey, the team at STCR is here to support you. Request a demo to get started or call our support center at 607-757-0181 for immediate assistance.

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