Is Your Point-Of-Sale System Designed For Retail? (Video)

What makes a great point-of-sale system for any grocery store? Reliability. If your system goes down for any reason, even if for a moment, the store won’t be able to complete the transaction. Meaning, faulty technology will cause you to lose sales and loyal customers down the line. So, what can be done to better design your point-of-sale system to avoid further issues? Invest in a “retail-hardened” system for your grocery store.

What is a “retail-hardened” system and why is it important for grocers?

According to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, “Retail-hardened systems are not generic office or consumer-grade personal computers that have been repackaged or customized for retail; they are true point-of-sale systems engineered to deliver high uptime and long-term reliability.” Not only are Toshiba’s systems built to last for years and evolve as your business grows, but they’re also tested to withstand the demanding and unpredictable retail environment. 

To illustrate how important testing is to the global company, Toshiba launched a series of videos showcasing the top tests run to ensure their technology is retail-ready.

Fluid Resistance Testing

Chemical Resistance Testing

Extreme Temperature Testing

Lint & Dust Resistance Testing

STCR’s Retail Solutions

Whether you’re looking for retail-hardened point-of-sale systems or even streamlined software solutions and more, STCR can help set your store up for success through its unbeatable professional services. From providing grocery technology to helping train your staff, STCR will get you up and running easily. Let STCR design the best implementation plan for your store’s needs today!

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